Carpet Cleaning Services in Bothell

Whether you're tired of looking at old stains, noticed a worsening indoor air quality, or need to improve your office's appearance, it's time to consider investing in professional carpet cleaning services. Here at All Star Carpet Cleaning, we offer comprehensive carpet cleaning at affordable prices to improve the look and smell of your carpets long-term.

With state-of-the-art products and industry-tested techniques, we're equipped to handle your cleaning needs with ease and professionalism. Over the years, our team has helped numerous Bothell businesses and homeowners, taking a personal approach to their carpet cleaning and offering risk-free consultations and detailed estimates to help them make an informed investment.

Our track record of positive service speaks for itself. Call us at (425) 488-8895 to learn more about how our carpet cleaning services can improve your space!

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Residential Carpet Cleaning Services

Your home's carpets can become dirty and damaged over time. Whether you're a pet owner, frequently entertain friends, or have household members tracking in dirt and debris, dust particles and other contaminants can easily get lodged deep into your carpet fibers, creating unwanted smells and harming your air quality.

Luckily for homeowners in Bothell, the team at All Star Carpet Cleaning offers specialized residential carpet cleaning services that can restore your carpet to its optimal condition. We offer single-room and whole-house carpet treatments that can remove unwanted stains and make your space look pristine. Our technicians work with attention to detail and do their best to provide prompt turnarounds.

Our residential carpet cleaning typically includes the following:

  • Risk-free consultations
  • Honest price estimates
  • Detail-oriented work
  • Eco-friendly cleaning options
  • Efficient project turnarounds
  • Flexible scheduling choices
  • Supportive customer service
  • ...and more!

Commercial Carpet Cleaners

At All Star Carpet Cleaning, we have the infrastructure and talent to support both residential and commercial clients. Our expertise isn't limited to one sector, and our services can meet the unique challenges of commercial carpet cleaning.

We know that the cleanliness of your commercial space significantly impacts your business and customer experience. That's why we use industrial-strength cleaners and industry-best solutions to ensure your environment remains pristine and welcoming. From regular maintenance to deep cleaning, we're here to help you maintain the appeal of your business with a comprehensive set of carpet cleaning services.

Green Carpet Cleaning

When you partner with All Star Carpet Cleaning, you receive top-quality carpet cleaning services with options for environmentally friendly products and techniques. Whether you have sensitivities to conventional cleaning products or are trying to maintain professional commitments to reduce emissions, we have a carpet cleaning plan that can work for you.

During your consultation, our cleaners will take the time to learn about your preferences and create a tailored cleaning plan for you. We're confident we're the right choice to support your carpet cleaning needs and hope to hear from you soon.

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If you're looking for a carpet cleaning service you can depend on, look no further than All Star Carpet Cleaning. We're passionate about our work and offer comprehensive services that can accommodate your budget, preferences, and needs.

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