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We pride ourselves in being the best carpet cleaners that we can by knowing the newest and best process to clean your carpets. We also are very happy with the results of our newest technology, the redesigned cimex with 3 pads on the bottom that are very gentle on carpet and very tough on dirt.

The Cimex Carpet Machine sets the industry standard for low moisture carpet encapsulation cleaning. This method of shampooing uses a polymer solution that encases or “encapsulates” the dirt particles.

The low moisture aspect of this approach means that it uses very little water compared to the more common hot water extraction technique. As such, you can feel good about reducing wastewater and ultimately helping the environment. No wastewater is put down the drain.

A frequent problem with regular carpet cleaning is that extractors use a soapy detergent that leaves behind a sticky residue. New dirt particles cling to this residue left on the carpet fibers, thus causing re-soiling. The encapsulation process creates a hard crystal shell around the dirt. Said dirt is then completely removed by vacuuming.

With regular carpet cleaning you will be able to keep your carpet clean without worrying about all the wastewater being put down the drain and knowing that the carpet cleaning is being done thoroughly by the pattern we leave.

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The Pattern Tells You The Story

Notice the circular pattern in the carpet above?

This represents aggressive agitation and a 360 degree cleaning of the carpet fibers. All Star Carpet Cleaning uses a proprietary process for cleaning carpets that cleans all 360 degrees of the carpet fiber and uses 90% less water than our competitors.

The Old Way

This is the pattern you will see if you use truck mounted steam cleaning. The process involves spraying very hot water on top of the carpet which then forces most of the dirt and bacteria deep into the carpet. It involves a back and forth motion of minimal agitation which is dramatically inferior to All Star's process. This is why we abandoned steam cleaning!

Get a Better Clean. Give All Star a call today and join the revolution. Join us in protecting our water, our environment and the ecosystem of the Puget Sound.

Carpet Cleaning

If you’re looking to make an impression on guests or customers, improving the condition of your carpet is an effective way to do so. Boost any room’s aesthetic and remove unpleasant odors thanks to All Star Carpet Cleaning’s reliable residential and commercial carpet cleaning process. Trust our local carpet cleaners to deliver a reliable plan of action. Call us now at (425) 488-8895 to get started!

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

All Star Carpet Cleaning delivers outstanding carpet cleaning services to commercial businesses of all sizes. From the moment you call us for an estimate, we’re committed to meeting your needs. That’s how we’ve developed our reputation for reliability and effectiveness. To schedule a consultation or to get an upfront estimate, give us a call now at (425) 488-8895!

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Deep Carpet Cleaning

All Star Carpet Cleaning is proud to provide top-tier deep carpet cleaning services for homes and business. Our state of the art cleaning process disinfects deodorizes and rejuvenates your space. With high-caliber truck-mounted machinery and organic solutions, we’re the go-to choice carpet cleaning company in the area. Want to see the transformation yourself? Give us a call now at (425) 488-8895 to get started

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Green Carpet Cleaning

All Star Carpet Cleaning’s goal is to deliver sustainable carpet cleaning services you can count on. Caring for your carpets and safely restoring their beauty is important to us. That’s why we use eco-friendly and biodegradable products. For a clean that counts, contact us now at (425) 488-8895!

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Organic Carpet Cleaning

All Star Carpet Cleaning specializes in steam and dry organic carpet cleaning. Pure organic carpet cleaning is a great way to extend the life of your furnishings and improve air quality. For this reason, we’ve been hard at work developing the perfect processes. Our job is never finished until you’re satisfied. For flexible cleaning services, contact our professionals at (425) 488-8895 now to book your appointment today.

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Residential Carpet Cleaning

Every homeowner should feel welcome and comfortable in their space. If you find you can’t relax because of unpleasant aromas wafting from your rugs, it’s time to call in a residential carpet cleaning company. All Star Carpet Cleaning offers outstanding carpet cleaning services to make your house feel like home again. By investing in regular deep cleaning, you also extend the life of your investment without hassle.

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